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Linux Conversions

Welcome to, (a subsidiary of

Are you tired of battling viruses, Trojan-horses and other malware?

Are you tired of having to defragment your hard-drive all too often?

Are you tired of updating your software from a myriad of different sources?

Does the "Blue Screen of Death" infuriate you?

Just plain sick and tired of Windows?

Are you tired of paying for software?

Would you like to save huge amounts of money accessing free software legally?

Let us show you an entirely new way of computing - an easy-to-use, zero-cost-for-software, 99.9% virus-free software that will revolutionize how you do your computing.

The solution: Linux

It is an operating system much like Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8, or the Macintosh OSX is an operating system. And the user's experience is very familiar for both Windows & Macintosh systems. But that is where the similarities end.

Why Linux?

Where there are 1.7 million viruses, worms, and Trojan Horses aimed against Microsoft's Windows Operating System, Linux and its variants suffer from far fewer such malignancies; approximately 35, give or take. You did read correctly. That was "35" -- not million, not thousand, just 35. Several sites discussing Linux recommend running an anti-virus mainly as a courtesy so that Windows machines receiving email won't become accidentally infected from a Linux machine. As a result, there aren't a lot of anti-virus software packages out there for a simple reason-- there is little need!

Defragmenting. What a pain in the hard-drive! Every month, every week, defrag, defrag defrag. What if there were a computer operating system that literally didn't need defragmenting the hard-drive (as long as the amount of space on the drive used stayed below 80%)? Well, there is. It's called Linux. It uses a disk organizing algorithm called "ext4". Since ext4 never creates file fragments (unless the disk gets very close to capacity), there is no need for defragmentation - and there are NO defragmentation software packages for Linux, for the simple reason that it isn't necessary!

Ext4 has another advantage: file loss prevention. Though not perfect, ext4 does a vastly better job of journalizing data changes as they happen. That means that power-outages and brownouts are much less likely to cause data loss on a Linux system than on a comparable Windows or Mac system (though the need for data backup is just as crucial as ever on a Linux platform as anything else).

There is one final reason to go over to Linux. Doing so will give a longer useful lifespan to your computer systems. Windows-based Operating Systems require the latest and greatest in systems hardware. Linux isn't nearly so demanding. In fact, some organizations that recycle computers install Linux because of its extremely low cost - ZERO dollars - but because it gives new life to older systems. Extending the lifespan of your expensive investment in computer hardware will save you money, and isn't that what every businessperson wants?

If you want to reduce your headaches and the strain on your pocketbook, if you want to reduce your Information technology costs significantly, give us a call (604-813-9830) or email us ( and let us help you get your computing into better shape.


John Weintraub
President, Weintraub Consulting
Phone: 604-813-9830 / Toll Free: 1-866-650-9696

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